Hānai i ke keiki, ola ka lāhui. Feed the child and the lāhui thrives.



To ensure the well-being of all Native Hawaiians by uplifting our keiki, it is important that the Pauahi Foundation partners and inspires communities to improve educational access and excellence in the following areas:

Early learning: Establish lifelong commitment to learning

By giving to the Early Learning fund, you are supporting programs that help build a solid foundation for our keiki to continue to thrive through education.

K-12 support: Inspire learners to achieve success and connect with their culture

Eighty percent of Native Hawaiian students attend public school. Transformational change for our lāhui requires systemic change throughout the educational system. Kamehameha Schools has fostered partnerships with the Hawai‘i Department of Education and other private schools to strengthen the state’s K-12 educational system. Your gift to our K-12 Support fund assists programs dedicated to preparing students for post-secondary persistence and success. High value initiatives include professional development for teachers and strategic in-school activities.

Post-high and training: Transform learners through lifelong education and training

By giving to our Post-High fund you help community partners better support Native Hawaiians in their pursuit of postsecondary success and fulfilling careers by scaling up programs focused on work-based learning, vocational training, career fast-tracking, and critical wrap-around support. As a result, together we will foster a generation of young Native Hawaiian leaders in key sectors such as education, STEM, ‘āina and sustainability, healthcare, food systems and security, innovation, entrepreneurship, and construction.

Environmental stewardship and community engagement: Deepen the connection between people and their environment

The Native Hawaiian culture is rooted in a profound reverence for the life-sustaining force of nature that breathes life into the Hawaiian language, spirituality, and traditions. By restoring the ancestral connection to the land and sea, together we can empower our community to ignite a collective responsibility, or kuleana, to our ‘āina and safeguard the well-being of our lāhui.

Community collaborations inspire collective impact in environmental, family and school settings. These local solutions are influencing global solutions. By giving to aloha ‘Āina, you too can help empower communities of learners in natural and cultural resource management and experiential education.


As the fundraising arm of Kamehameha Schools, Pauahi Foundation ensures 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to your designation. No administrative fees are incurred by the donor. All operating expenses incurred by the Pauahi Foundation are funded by KS. Program donations are expended through KS Office of Advancement.