The Meaning of Mānowai

Mānowai translates to represent a dam or source of water for distribution in ‘auwai (open channels through which water flows).

The mānowai plays a vital role in traditional Native Hawaiian agricultural practices as water is collected and redirected into one or more ʻauwai to bring life and nourishment to the lo‘i situated in their paths.

As a collective, we all represent the mānowai, with the power to make a difference, together.

The Mānowai Scholarship

The hallmark of the Pauahi Foundation is our endowed scholarship program, through which approximately 300 haumāna receive awards every year. However, the need for scholarships continues to grow as applications exceed the availability of awards by a ratio of five to one.

As a revolving scholarship fund, the Mānowai Scholarship is the Pauahi Foundation’s newest scholarship program supporting Native Hawaiian haumāna in their post-secondary endeavors.

Mānowai provides immediate support by increasing the availability of scholarships as gifts of $1,000 are awarded to a student in the following academic year. Donors may also choose to make a gift of any size, as all gifts received are combined to create $1,000 awards.

The Mānowai Scholarship campaign engages a broad spectrum of community members who believe in the power of education. Through this exciting new collaboration, we’re working together to create innovative solutions that have an immediate impact on uplifting the next generation of learners and leaders.

Building a Legacy through Mānowai

Gifts may be made as a one-time gift or as monthly recurring donations. Every dollar donated by November of the current calendar year to the Mānowai Scholarship fund will be awarded during the following academic year’s scholarship cycle.

Donors who make a gift of $500 or more will be included on the custom-painted donor wall located at The Barn at SALT at Our Kaka‘ako. Donor names will remain on the wall for one year and are updated annually in November with renewed and new gifts.

Any Questions?

To learn more about the Mānowai Scholarship revolving fund, please contact