Dr. Larry Burgess of the Kalino Foundation explains his desire to honor his great-grandfather, Rev. John Kalino, through the establishment of the Kalino Foundation Scholarship. Cheyenne Bajo KSK’21 reflects on how scholarships open up a world of opportunity for her and other students.

The mission of the Pauahi Foundation is to support the mission of Kamehameha Schools by seeking and developing new and diverse sources of income to support the ever-increasing educational needs and goals of people of Hawaiian ancestry.

Why Pauahi Foundation?

Hear from our community and learn why they choose to give.

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It is through educational systems change that we can restore the Native Hawaiian people and uplift the lāhui.

Together, we can uplift the lāhui. We can create positive change. Join us today in giving with Pauahi.



of all donations are allocated towards providing financial support to people of Hawaiian ancestry.


In support of our shared mission, overhead costs associated with the Pauahi Foundation are covered by Kamehameha Schools allowing us to direct all fundraising to our programs.