Our impact
Collectively, we have made great progress and growth, but what excites us the most is the enormous potential we have to do even more.
Hunter Kaulana Ah Loo

  • Michael “Mikey” Miyake Scholarship
  • Waipa Nishimura Memorial Scholarship

School attending next school year:
  • Olivet Nazarene University

Mahalo donors of the Michael “Mikey” Miyake Scholarship and Waipa Nishimura Memorial Scholarship. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity as you help not only me but also my family, and because of you, our financial challenges are slowly getting resolved. This gift will help me because I now have more to spend on books and laptops and can settle into college with fewer worries. My goal this year is to make an immediate impact on the football team but also find the passion and interest for my major. I plan to either enter the sports business industry or work my way up in a global business. Mahalo!