Our impact
Collectively, we have made great progress and growth, but what excites us the most is the enormous potential we have to do even more.
Elise Auna

  • Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi Parent Teacher Organization Scholarship
  • Mary Atherton Richards Scholarship

School attending next school year:
  • Brigham Young University - Hawaii

Mahalo donors of Kamehameha Schools Hawai‘i Parent Teacher Organization Scholarship (KSHPTO) and Mary Atherton Richards Scholarship/s. I am so thankful for your generosity because as we all know money is hard to come by and earn. This money will bring me closer to attending BYU-H and staying there so I can become a future therapist helping the Hawaiians and people in the community in which I reside. I will be sure to use this to pay for the things I need like books, dorms, and all of that fun college stuff. I am forever grateful, Mahalo